Pay attention to today's Geo Quiz. Environmentally conscious design is showing up these days in cars, homes, and office buildings. Now, there's a plan to build a green airport. The question is where? Here are some hints. It's one of the Galapagos Islands. The environmentally friendly airport will replace a dilapidated one that the US military built here during the Second World War. Most flights that arrive on the island take off from Ecuador. Once you get off the plane, you can look down and see iguanas, and look up and see boobies and frigatebirds. Again, we're looking for one of the smaller Galapagos Islands, where a green airport is in the works. Our Geo Quiz sent you in search of the place where a green airport is going to be built. The new airport will use natural ventilation and solar energy and will be constructed with sustainable materials. It will be on Baltra Island, the answer to today's Geo Quiz.

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