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Food waste tied to food costs

PR says Prime Minister Brown is onto something when he says not all aspects of the food crisis lies with leaders of nations: the grocery store keeps its produce section looking nice by tossing anything that looks even remotely rotten; restaurants throw away a huge amount of food; at home we overbuy. (You're talking about personal management and domestic economics). That's right, Costco promotes the idea that you're a little food business by buying in bulk, but you end up wasting a lot and that's happened on a broad level. (How significant is that on a macro level compared to large issues like climate change and natural disasters?) Yes and no. nearly 100 billion pounds of food are wasted in the US every year, but yes there are larger problems than the food we waste at home, and both issues need to be addressed. In the short term it is worth it to tackle these food waste problems and this is the first time a generation has been asked to reconsider its food supply. (How much of that conscience purchasing and eating will make a difference?) The first difference is with price�as food gets more expensive, everyone will waste less. At the same time, we need to have a cultural change around our food and food prices will help with that but Prime Minister Brown is right to want to start a dialogue about it.

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