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Hostages rescued from Colombian rebels

JO says the rescue operation was based on deception: it was an intelligence job, and the Colombian military managed to infiltrate the guerillas holding the hostages and convince the guerillas to bring all the hostages together and they agreed to allow a helicopter to be brought to pick the hostages up. They thought the helicopter belonged to an international leftist solidarity group or some sort of humanitarian organization that was friends with FARC high command. They thought the guerillas were being brought to FARC high command but then the Colombian command was board and arrested the FARC members on board and brought the hostages to freedom. (The FARC has a reputation for being extremely cautious, what were they told about this NGO?) Nothing in particular but apparently the army managed to get an operative into FARC high command that helped with this operation as well. FARC communications have been broken up lately, and different FARC operatives don't know what the high command always wants. (How long ago did the Colombian military infiltrate the FARC?) Probably about a year, a Colombian police officer escaped from the FARC about a year ago and gave the military a lot of intelligence about the FARC, and beyond that the military has been clearly pinpointing these guys and they were hot on the trail. (Do the FARC have any high asset hostages?) They still have about half a dozen police and army hostages and about a hundred civilian hostages.

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