Accusations of a coup plot in Turkey

The arrests came at the same time as the country's chief prosecutor called for Turkey's ruling party to be disbanded. (What's going on with the arrests?) The latest arrests come after a year of investigations into a coup plan by ultranationalists and ultra-secularists. I understand some 110 people have been detained in connection with this investigation, and about half that number have been charged. The latest arrests are two senior figures in the military, two generals, and another 20 or so people including some high profile journalists. All these people are known to be staunch secularists and anti-government. (What's the public reaction?) Shock initially. The military is the most respected institution in the country. but there's also a good deal of secrecy around the arrests and investigation. (Is there a connection between the government being on trial and these arrests?) That's a question being asked, it seems there's not much coincidence. The suggestion some have been making here is the government is going after its enemies for revenge of the trial. Opposition figures have been saying this is very undemocratic.

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