Voters standing in line in Zimbabwe (Image:

The polls have closed in Zimbabwe -- it is expected that President Robert Mugabe will hold on to power, after all, it was a one-man runoff. The opposition candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, pulled out last week over widespread political violence. His name remained on the ballot though. Many Zimbabweans boycotted the vote, and many dismissed it as a farce.

When Robert Mugabe cast his vote, he told reporters that he was feeling good.

Morgan Tsvangirai describes the election as a sham, organized by a desperate dictatorship. He urged the world not to recognize the results.

Some election observers say that militias loyal to Mugabe were going door to door, forcing people to vote. They say Mugabe supporters were writing down serial numbers from the ballots to record who people had voted for.

The government spokesman called these assertions blatant lies.

The World's Jason Margolis reports for "The World."

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