Here on the Global Hit we love the eclectic. That's what got us interested in Canadian classical pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin. His new album's called " Marc-Andre Hamelin in a State of Jazz." Marc-Andre Hamelin in the WGBH studios with host Lisa MullinsMarc-Andre Hamelin in the WGBH studios with host Lisa Mullins Hamelin's assembled pieces by musicians who fused jazz and 20th century classical for the piano. One is a set of arrangements based on songs by the late Charles Trenet...a French music-hall and recording star through much of the last century. Bulgarian-born pianist Alexis Weissenberg got a hold of this... and other Trenet songs.....and put his own spin on them. Marc-Andre Hamelin says Weissenberg loved popular songs ...but kept his passion for it a secret. That's it for our program today.

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