Lifting sanctions on North Korea

Today the North Koreans finally gave their nuclear declaration to the Chinese, and then North Korea tomorrow will destroy its cooling tower at the Yongbyong plant. Bush then said he's ready to do his part in the six-part talks. However Mr. Bush said North Korea has a long to do list before it can enter the good graces of the international community, and if the North Koreans fail to do those things sanctions can be reimposed. But even advocates of engagement with North Korea face this with skepticism. This analyst says the deal does not go far enough and the North Koreans are being given a pass on two major areas. US officials say North Korea will be held accountable for any nuclear dealings with Syria and that they'll have to come clean on the uranium enrichment question. Bush said today his administration knows who they're dealing with in North Korea, but hawkish analysts in the US think otherwise. She thinks the US lowered their expectations for the North Koreans. Bush officials say North Korea has agreed to give info that could shed light on these questions. The President has also tried to ease concerns in Japan on the question of abducted Japanese agents in the 1970s and 80s. but this Japanese analyst says Japan feels the US is letting North Korea off the hook on that question.

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