(What's behind these changes in Saudi culture?) It is about the fact that Saudi Arabia claims to be a modern state, and yet the women face tons of restrictions. So there are contradictions between what the system is applying and the aspirations of young men and women. (What's coming to a head right now?) The women specifically have regressed. Because of oil, the women have been turned into modern housewives and excluded from so many jobs. And yet the women are educated. (Give me an example of one couple.) The example of young Mohammed who I interviewed who is 17 but aspires to have 7 children, but what if his future wife doesn't want that many children? He replies, I will take another wife, because his father had a polygamous marriage and he suspects he'd be backed by the legal system in Saudi Arabia. (So this sounds like the women in Saudi Arabia are going through American-style, 1970s women's liberation?) This is different. The rule of law in Saudi Arabia is backing a lifestyle that just doesn't apply to Saudi women today. (What would a pre-marriage course entail for you?) It has to address the changes in the culture, and the rights and respects for both men and women.

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