There's some Kung Fu action in today's Geo Quiz. The Chinese actor and martial artist Jackie Chan is known all over the world. His latest cinematic display of whirling kicks and bone-breaking punches just opened in Beijing. But he's not just a movie star. Chan's also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. He's been urging martial arts youth groups to use their skills to promote peace. Right now he's on tour in Southeast Asia. Today he visited the city we're looking for. It's the capital of East Timor. The island of Timor is at the southern end of the Malay Archipelago. We're not picking a fight...we'll leave that to Jackie Chan ....we just want the name of this city located on the northern coast of East Timor. The answer's coming up Martial arts legend Jackie Chan is visiting East Timor this week. He's wearing his UNICEF goodwill ambassador hat. He's been talking with youth groups about peace. Today he was in the capital Dili, the answer to our Geo Quiz. Dili, East TimorDili, East Timor Some of East Timor's martial arts groups were involved in the street violence and rioting that swept the country in 2006. As the BBC's Lucy Williamson reports Jackie Chan had a message for them today. Listen:

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