(Iran got uranium enrichment technology from AQ Khan, according to some of Khan's documents. Did Iran, as another analyst suggests, acquire blueprints for a nuclear weapon from Khan as well?) The first fact was not correct, neither is the second one. The issue regarding the components we got, they're all from intermediaries. This is an absurd issue. These are all allegations. (So to clarify you're saying there was some transfer of nuclear technology or information?) I can't confirm that any information or technology has been received. The IAEA concluded this is not the case and that these are allegations, referring to Khan. The Americans are just trying to find an issue. (Other countries are concerned as well.) Yes, but all these issues are cleared. (It's incorrect to say that the IAEA is happy with Iran's posture now. why has Iran turned up its nose at the EU's offer of a package of aid and incentives, reactor technology if Iran renounces uranium enrichment?) I immediately would correct you�we have not rejected the package. It will be studied by Iran and negotiations will start without preconditions. (Uranium enrichment is not necessary as part of a civilian program, so how does it benefit Iran to turn down these offers?) The matter is simple: we need to be aware of all technical matters. I just want to remind you that we have only received some materials that we have spent legitimately. There is no international agreement legally binding supplies. If we had agreed on a legally binding supply of materials, Iran would not need to spend so much energy and time on its own nuclear program. We now have achieved our activities, so no one wants to give it up now.

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