(Why is it that the Afghan President would try to stop this now?) Out of frustration. Karzai returned from a conference for support for Afghanistan and returned to find out about an escape of 1,000 prisoners in Pakistan. Karzai has repeatedly threatened and warned Pakistan about these cross-border raids, and he's saying he has a right to go after them in hot pursuit. (We've also gotten news of about 500 Taliban rebels who have amassed near Kandahar, what's that about?) We've heard from local sources that the Taliban is amassing there, but the Afghan military minister denied those reports. (Has he said whether these forces are from that jail escape?) We've heard speculation, but the defense ministry is denying that. (Would Americans be part of any incursion?) Americans have been taking a more robust line about being active in these cross-border raids. (What is the reaction there to Karzai's statements?) There's a growing resentment of Karzai here, even though people don't like these cross-border raids. They support the sentiment of stopping the raids, but most people think the Afghan Army doesn't have it in itself to stop the raids.