Gaza: one year later

This is a sprawling slum north of Gaza City, and this is when the water turns on. There's water from 6-11 AM but there's not always electricity at the same time to pump it. gasoline is scarce here. this man says he blames the Israeli blockade on the Strip for these difficulties, but his personal difficulties were caused by the struggle between Hamas and Fatah last year. His daughter was killed in the fighting. He says there's a lack of institutions and security here. Hamas makes and enforces the law and Gaza and has won some popularity for controlling corruption but the Hamas takeover brought on the blockade and Israeli incursions. Israeli airstrikes and raids have killed more than 250 Palestinians. Fuel has not been coming through which means many businesses have been compromised or had to completely shut down. Almost all industry inside the strip has stopped and only Hamas remains. Hamas is offering the only jobs left in Gaza. This man who used to work in construction joined Hamas Security Forces six months ago. Residents of Gaza say they feel trapped and many support Hamas but know Hamas's control also causes many of their hardships.

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