Lebanon courts try suspected militants

The group of suspects on trial is known as the Net of 13 and what is significance is their alleged ties to Al Qaeda. They're possible evidence of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda making more inroads in the country. perhaps most disturbing was an announcement earlier this year by Al Qaeda's #2 man that Lebanon is a pivotal front in the upcoming battles with the crusaders and the Jews. This analyst says he's heard such pronouncements before but it's unlikely that Sunni Islamist groups could thrive in Lebanon where the Shia group, Hezbollah, has control. even so local officials consider the Al Qaeda threat to be among Lebanon's greatest worries. This professor says those fears are unfounded. He suggests the officials who worry about Al Qaeda should be more concerned with internal violence. But this analyst says there is something to fear and small, Al Qaeda inspired sleeper cells, might try to move into Lebanon.

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