JO wants quick and decisive action and says there's legal basis for it: there's a law within the UN constitution but the looming figure here is China, which has a huge sway over Burma. The international community doesn't want to upset and offend China, and as a result it would appear that 2.5 million human beings may have to be sacrificed. It's important to criticize, but we also need action. So we need an invasion of a massive aid relief force and there's no sign of that right now. (How do you suggest an invasion of international assistance happen?) I want massive quantities of aid sent in and not worry about the Junta. (Is that possible?) I'm not suggesting anybody start a war here, but if someone is in a fire, one doesn't wait for the owner of a building on fire to allow firefighters to go in and save the trapped people. There should be no other consideration than getting aid to the people. Everyone is talking, no one is doing anything. Meanwhile, millions continue to suffer. Surely, the lives of these people rule over everything. (Give us one historical example where this kind of humanitarian intervention worked?) The question was an excellent one until you got to the last word, worked. If you had tried, it would've been perfect. We live in a selfish world and no government has had the courage to do what I suggested. I was disappointed to see that Ban Ki Moon was duped by the Junta last week. Many people thought we were ok but nothing happened.

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