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South Africans march against violence

Half a million people live here in this neighborhood, many living in tents and shacks made of plywood. This man says it's dirty, there's sewage everywhere. He's frustrated that poverty and crime remain entrenched in his neighborhood 14 years post-apartheid. One night recently he and his neighbors decided immigrants were to blame and they decided to get revenge: they pounded on his door and asked him to come and join the looting against immigrants. He was once of few men who didn't join the looting. This man from Zimbabwe was a victim. He said people took everything of his. He ran to this local police station which has become a refugee housing station where white plastic tents crowd the parking lot and hundreds of people wait for food and tea. Animosity towards migrants remains high but many South Africans have been horrified by the attacks and are donating supplies. Neighbors have opened up their homes to displaced people and there have been some demonstrations against the violence. This man was a refugee during apartheid and marches against the violence.

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