CIA chief says al-Qaeda's on the run

In his Washington Post interview, CIA Director Hayden attributed success against al-Qaeda to the rising competency of the Iraqi military and waning support for al-Qaeda's ideology and vision of the future. This analyst agrees al-Qaeda has taken a beating in Iraq, but it's only a strategic pause in their motives and activities. In other words, he argues al-Qaeda still harbors animosity towards the US and the West, and that animosity resonates with a lot of youths in Iraq in Saudi Arabia still. Still today's comments from Hayden reflect real progress against al-Qaeda. This analyst says this doesn't mean al-Qaeda is dead though and the group is still resilient. And the fight against al-Qaeda in the Middle East isn't even the main story says this analyst. He agrees with the CIA's assessment of al-Qaeda in Iraq, but not in Pakistan where they have a secure safe haven. Hayden says counterterrorism activities in Pakistan have kept al-Qaeda off balance but this analyst is surprised by that assessment. He says he's not surprised to hear it though in an election year.

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