Today's Geo Quiz takes us to a new republic in Asia. We're looking for a country in South Asia that's roughly the same size as Iowa. Unlike Iowa, with its gently rolling plains, this country is full of big mountains. It's home to the soaring Himalayas -- and eight of the world's ten highest peaks. This is a place that was ruled by monarchs for nearly 240 years. But change is in the air today. King Gyanendra: Parliament voted to abolish the monarchyKing Gyanendra: Parliament voted to abolish the monarchyResidents of this country celebrated as a special assembly gathered to officially abolish the monarchy. They also declared a three-day public holiday to celebrate the country becoming a republic. So can you name this Asian country that's ditching its king? As promised, we're going straight to the answer to our Geo Quiz today. And it is Nepal. Today, a national assembly gathered there to officially vote Nepal's monarchy into the history books. The BBC's Rabindra Mishra is in the capital Kathmandu. He explains what happens next:

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