(What kind of play is the report getting in the media there?) Iran takes a positive spin on this report, and says that it's in compliance with the IAEA and that this is a clean bill of health. They say this is all about America trying to stir up trouble. (If Iran has nothing to hide, why do they deny access to facilities?) That's a good question. They would say they've provided all necessary information, and they have provided cooperation for visitations to their main facility. The IAEA says they just want more information about what they're doing now and about the history of the program, such as prior to 2003 when the US believes Iran was trying to make a nuclear warhead. But neither the US or Iran say the country is now trying to make a nuclear weapon. (The consequences may be further tightening of sanctions. How concerned are ordinary Iranians about that?) They're concerned, but Iran's government is already doing plenty to mess up their economy. Their actions have caused inflation and a massive property boom and speculation boom. (What is the chat on the streets about the merits of having a nuclear weapon?) The government has managed to dictate that agenda so people don't discuss it. but almost everyone says Iran has a right to peaceful nuclear power.

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