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Drastic measures for stopping gas thieves

(How does the drive stop work?) in the event of someone leaving without paying, a device pops up which deflates the tires and brings the vehicle to a halt within 200 yards. (So spikes come up and pop the tires?) That's correct. (I understand your family owned a gas station and you've had some personal experiences with gas thieves, what happened?) What happened was the number of drive offs were hurting our business to the point of financial suicide. (And what about using CCTVs?) A lot of number plates are stolen and used by gas thieves so then the CCTV is useless. (What about paying before pumping?) We have similar systems in trial now, but we've found that the shop is the lifeline of the business, and the sales of petrol is not as big so we would then lose that. (What's been the demand for the system so far?) Oil has been a contributing factor to the demand, but public awareness is higher as well. (Is there any bad feedback?) I think it's sad I've had to design this, but it was designed with the legal parameters in mind.

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