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Myanmar aid efforts

JS calls the situation on the border quite worrying: We don't have authority for our staff to go on the ground still. We have local staff who's doing a good job, but they're not as well trained as our international staff. We're navigating almost blindly. (Could you give us an example?) Just in a matter of supply, I don't always know how many people they have to do distribution so I don't know how to support them. (So how do you make decisions?) We're trying to go with plastic sheetings so people can make shelter. (Any supply, food, shelter, medical, anything that has to come from the urban areas to the outlying areas, how is it getting there?) We bring it in with air cargo and then it comes out on truck and then by boat. (The Burmese government is going to accept more foreign aid but it needs to go through Asian intermediaries�what do you make of that?) We've sent in our material without any problem so we hope we'll get more space soon. The situation is critical and much more effort needs to be done.

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