Today's Geo Quiz is a zero carbon quiz. We're searching for Scotland's northernmost island. It's one of the Shetland Islands. This 46-square mile island is the site of what's billed as a zero carbon emissions house. The house is still in the construction phase, but the plan is for it to produce its own power. That's where the windswept island comes in handy. The gusty winds will power wind turbines. Shetland IslandsShetland Islands We want you to name this grassy island with cliffs looking out over the North Sea. This northern isle shares the same latitude as southern Greenland. But the owners of the zero-carbon home hope to grow lemon trees and grapevines here. In the winter. We'll hear more about that from the homeowners....when we reveal the answer in just a minute. We were looking for a Scottish island where a project is under way to build a zero carbon house. This house is designed to produce enough energy to heat the home and meet the family's electricity needs. That includes powering the family car. Michael Rea is the proud homeowner of a zero carbon emissions home in on Unst, one of Scotland's Shetland Islands.

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