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Zero-emissions car by 2010


What Nissan's electric fleet of vehicles will look like. (Photo: Sharon Yabrough)

O'DELL: "... the company has said in the past that it will launch a commercially viable all-electric, which means battery-electric, car in the United States in 2010. They've sort of signed it in to concrete now. It's official, it's part of Nissan's new five-year plan. Carlos Ghosn [the head of Nissan] went public with that the other day."

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As far as what the cars will look like, O'Dell says expect: "... sexy cars, with electric power. So we're expecting to see sedans, sports coupe and more utilitarian vehicles as well."

And, where the cars' power will come from: "Well, there's a debate about that. One operating theory is that most people would be using the vehicles during the day and recharging at night when demand for power is relatively nil compared to what it is on a hot afternoon."

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