(The footage belongs to the authorities so how did you get a hold of it?) We requested it under the Freedom of Information Act. (Was all the footage government footage?) It was mixed between government and private firm footage. (Was it hard to get a hold of it? How long did it take before you got the footage?) You have to request the footage within 30 days or the info is completely wiped. (How did you shooting work?) We filmed at about 80 different locations around Manchester and ones we thought were interesting. We filmed at an escalator, a taxi, and at a post office. One of the funny ones was being on the tram. (Any police interested in what you were doing?) No, just security guards. (How many takes?) Many, many. (How do you know which camera belongs to who?) You get a sense of it, but not all were genuine cameras, but we did a little reconnaissance beforehand. (This does sound like it's part of your culture with so many CCTV cameras around town.) Yes, absolutely. We don't take much notice of these cameras, but you can be caught 300 times in Manchester in just one day through these cameras without your knowledge or consent.

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