We're heading north for today's Geo Quiz. We're not looking for the world's northernmost point. That's easy. The North Pole. Nor the most northerly 18-hole golf course. That would be the Tromsø Golfpark in Norway. Tromsø also claims to have the most northern symphony orchestra. But we're looking for the world's most northern national capital. It's located on the southern shore of Faxaflói Bay where you might see Arctic terns hungrily hovering over fishing boats, hoping for a piece of the daily catch. But let's not get off track. We want the name of the northernmost capital. Where thousands of Icelanders are out enjoying the city's annual art festival. It's a city lit up by art at every turn and, since its just a bit south of the Arctic Circle, it's a city whose night sky will soon be lit by the midnight sun. Where are we? The northern most national capital is on our Geo Quiz radar today. The city's annual modern arts festival is underway...the event brings out artists of all stripes and colors. Boston Globe Travel writer Tom Haines is in this cool and creative place. Tom, you are in the land of arctic tens and thermal geysers, where are you and what's going on around you? Marco Werman's and Tom Haine's take on the Reykjavík Arts Festival. Reykjavík, Iceland the answer to our geo quiz.

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