(Now it seems as though there are new studies on climate change popping up all the time, so what does galvanizing all these studies tell us we didn't know before?) It proves the link between human caused temperature changes globally and a broader range of impacts on systems. We see globally and even on a continent scale that human-caused warming is causing a broad range of effects. So we're going to have to adapt to changes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. (Pick one example.) It's not that there is one example, it's that there are so many. In North America, early plant flowering of 90 species, the declining population of the polar bears, early arrival dates of birds, declining mountain snow pack�it's this group of impacts. (Does the bringing together of these studies tell us something we didn't know?) When we look to see what the global temperature study was from 1970 to now, it's about a degree Fahrenheit, and by the end of the century it will be 10-11 degrees. So that we're seeing this many changes with just this small of a temperature rise paints a stark picture. (What do you tell younger people who are going to have to deal with the impacts of climate change?) I am concerned about the kids. But what I say is global warming presents tremendous challenges but at the same time it is the giant wake up call for the planet so we can create a sustainable planet for the ecosystem and ourselves.

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