KB says the group is trying to reunite stranded children with their families: you can do a lot of reunification in the early days and the more time passed, it's more likely the separation will become more complex to solve. When we're delivering immediate relief supplies, we also try to identify any children who are separated and take down as many details as we can. (How many cases are you dealing with?) it's approaching 2,000 cases. (These 2,000 children, where are they?) They've been taken in by extended family members of members of the community they came from or the community they ended up with. We have a broad definition of vulnerable children so we can continue to check on them even after they've been reunited with their family. (To what extent are Burmese authorities preventing your organization from helping?) It's a complex operating environment and that is our biggest strain. But we've still been able to reach some very far out places. It does seem that access is opening up bit by bit but it's still just a drop in the ocean.

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