Fair Game - Voter prejudice Faith shares her thoughts on the unambiguous racism expressed by some West Virginia voters ahead of the state's Democratic primary. West Virginia's in the news again and it's finally not "mine" related! Today's Democratic primary already looks like a big win for Clinton. But new reports show her popularity might have less to do with economic policy and more to do with voter prejudice. Recent stories reveal that some voters won't vote for Obama simply because he's black. That surprises us. But what's more surprising is that people are willing to tell reporters they're racist. One man was quoted in the Washington Post saying, "White people look out for white people, and black people look out for black people." Yikes. So much for "closeted racism"? You know, not enough to burn a cross, but just enough to make sure Lamar's resume goes right in the trash. But now it's all clear, race still plays a role in our democracy. Who knew? Except racists, of course. They're always on top of this stuff.

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