The BBC reporter says much of the aid getting through is being misdirected: we've also seen aid arriving in towns and then shortly down the road there will be nothing. Many people have taken refuge in Buddhist monasteries. (Are those logistical problems or is it more the government standing in the way?) it's a capacity problem. Some of these areas are accessible, some aren't, but the Burmese government doesn't have the depth and knowledge of how to address the relief efforts so there's suspicion that aid is just being thrown at the places most easy to reach. But some people have just started heading south with provisions to help other Burmese. They know this might quite possibly be the only aid these people get for aids. A proper census and study still has yet to be done as well. (Where you are in Burma, what is the government afraid of in terms of releasing info and letting reporters in?) The government is suspicious of foreigners because they worry foreigners are trying to undermine the government. The potential presence of 11,000 US Marines and sailors who could help with a massive aid operation, that is something the Burmese government views with terror.

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