Earthquake witness

AZ says she was advised to evacuate her apartment: the university has told me I have to evacuate. (Because of the fear of damage of aftershocks?) My feeling is I don't think that's necessary. My understanding is aftershocks get weaker. (How do you know so much about earthquakes?) I experienced five earthquakes during my 20 years of living in Seattle and maybe I don't know so much but that's my judgment and I think they're being cautious. (How well prepared were your students?) They were not prepared. It's very typical of them, they're not very outward with their emotions. I know they're feeling nervous now. they're happy to be sleeping on the lawn and not be in the dorms. No one was prepared, there was no instruction. I'm not sure if the instructions we're given in the US would be the same for here. (Why?) I don't know if the buildings are retrofit for earthquakes like some of the buildings in Seattle. (Are you going to start packing now?) Yes, unfortunately. (Where will you be spending the night tonight?) I'm not sure, maybe a building that's deemed safer than my dorm.

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