JL says there's been significant increase in the relief effort: about 10 flights will have arrived by Tuesday. A lot of aid is being carried in locally as well. Two out of four of our large water purification units are arriving as well. But some of our aid boats over the weekend sank as well, which is unfortunate. (What caused them to sink?) We think it was weather-related. (What is the greatest need?) Shelter, clean water, good sanitation, good food aid. (How much of that is coming in?) It's coming in but not in good enough quantity. (I wonder if you have encountered any kind of bureaucratic delays?) We've been in this country for about 15 years and work closely with the local Red Cross who is neutral. So this has helped us to get into the country. (Today there is a massive natural disaster in western China. is this the kind of thing that puts pressure on you to get the appropriate resources for the Burmese people?) It doesn't affect us much because we have enough resources for both disasters. Some people may be redeployed to China, but that's proper. (How did you spend your day today and maybe tell me about one or two of the people you met?) I talked to one volunteer whose roof was torn off her house and her kids were terrified. She's walking to work an hour and a half every day and still smiling. There are lots of young Red Cross volunteers also helping.