You thought the race for the Republican Presidential nomination was over, didn't you? Well don't tell the voters. In Tuesday's Indiana primary, 19,000 thousand people voted for Mitt Romney. Yes America, Mitt Romney got over 19,000 votes. Two days ago. That's only 10,000 less votes than Mitt got in the Arkansas primary on Super Tuesday, when he was still running. Now, Mike Huckabee got some votes in Indiana as well, but he was the most recent serious contender for the nomination- so that's not surprising. What is surprising is that there's any sort of Romney nostalgia out there. Are there G-O-P voters so riveted by a nice set of teeth and a sterling hairline that they'll keep coming back to Mitt even after he's gone? Or is he just more likeable when he's not there? Maybe if he'd dropped out of this thing earlier, Romney would have had a real shot at the nomination.

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