I'm at a base of Mt. Everest where a little journalist base has been built for all the journalists who have come to cover this event. We've been here for about a week waiting for news and there's not been much. We've had some bad weather over the past week which has meant there's not much hope for progress up the mountain for the climbers, but the weather has been better the past couple days so an attempt may be imminent. (I know the Chinese government has kept you in the dark about the status of the torch, but what have they told you?) well practically nothing. Today we had an announcement of exactly who is in the group attempting the summit relay: there are 31 people involved including 3 women, 22 of those involved are Tibetans from the local area. We still don't know how long it will take them to move. (How much higher up Everest are the climbers than you are right now?) The place where I'm at is about 5,300 meters above sea level. Advanced base camp where the climbers have been is about 6,500 meters above sea level and then there are various camps in between and then the summit is 8,000-plus meters above sea level. (given the altitude, is the torch going to stay lit?) They're pretty confident, they've made a special torch for this and did a test last year.

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