(How important is it that Iran be at the table?) The simple answer is there are no talks if Iran isn't at the table. The Iraqis only have a mediatory role. (What does the end of negotiations mean?) If the Iraqi government halts assaults against the Shiite militias then I'm sure Iran will return to the table. (One of the things the US has accused Iran of is providing training for Hezbollah which has then gone on to train Iraqi militias which are fighting against the US. what evidence is there of this?) It is very difficult to corroborate any stories, however the concept of Hezbollah is different in Iran than in Lebanon. In Iran, Hezbollah is more a slogan, many people who consider themselves members of Hezbollah, an ideological concept in Iran, unlike the actual political party in Lebanon. (What are you noting about the discussion in Iran concerning the US presidential campaign?) I must say there is a lot of interest in what is happening in the American primaries. Initially there was a lot of hype about what Senator McCain had said about bombing Iran, and Clinton's recent comments have also had an impact. What I sense is there is immense worry among all Iranians whether they support or are against the Iranian government, and whether America might attack Iran, now or in the future.

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