Fair Game - Health records Faith shares her thoughts on Senator John McCain and his campaign's decision to release his medical records on the eve of Memorial Day weekend. 71 year-old John McCain has long secured the Republican presidential nomination, but it's not his race against the democrats that has people talking. It's his race against father time (who incidentally is John McCain's uncle). Here's CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, America's Doctor. "Senator McCain has not released his medical records since his last run for president 8 years ago. What we do know: McCain had a 22-millimeter deep melanoma. The ten year survival on average is 66%, and having survived 8 years so far, McCain's chances are considered 'much better than average.'" Well anyone concerned about McCain's health should certainly be comforted by "much better than average." The McCain campaign has finally bowed to pressure, and announced that they would release the Senator's health records on May 23rd. Why May 23rd? hmmm. May 23rd is Memorial Day weekend! The official beginning to the drink with reckless abandon summer calendar. Nobody follows the news that weekend. You couldn't bury the McCain health story better if you brought it to beach with your sand pail and little shovel. Somehow other news outlets haven't noted this sly timing. But we'll be watching, McCain Campaign.

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