(As we heard in the last report, this natural disaster comes just before the constitutional referendum. The government says this is part of a broader roadmap towards democracy, is it?) Not really, it is part of the roadmap to prolong the military rule in Burma and the majority of the Burmese people, if they have a chance to vote freely, will vote no. there is speculation of intimidation campaign. (What tactics are the government using and how do you know?) Just before the cyclone, people were told by administers and military officials that if they didn't vote yes, life would be difficult. (What does that mean?) individually they could face being jailed, their business license could be revoked if they have a business. The government knows people want to vote against this. So they're going to cheat and manipulate the process. (How has the cyclone changed the dynamics?) The cyclone hit the mainland and southern region and it is believed at least 10,000 people died and it is horrifying, a national crisis, and the military has provided no relief. They have disappeared so people are angry.

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