(The two militants and targets weren't the only reported casualties from the US strike. What happened?) We don't have a complete picture, but possibly as many as 15 were killed. During night, a number of missiles were fired at this residence where the two militants were sleeping. It was precisely targeted, one building was hit with four missiles and does indicate there was a spotting operation on the ground. (And the US is saying this militant was an Al Qaeda man, what is the evidence for that?) Well they are concentrating on Somalia because they fear it has become a safe haven for Al Qaeda terrorists. This militant group denies they're members of the Al Qaeda leadership but the Americans do say there is a link. (What prompted the US deciding this group is a terrorist group?) it's a group that's concentrated in driving the Ethiopian forces who came into the country to support the weak transitional government when they overthrew the Islamic Courts. (Is there any link between the militant and the Islamic Courts?) There is a strong link but since 2007 there has been a split in the Islamic Courts, but basically there's been a political wing and a militant wing, such as this militia and against this backdrop there have been attempts to try to form some sort of peace agreement.