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Reaching across Iraq's sectarian divide

(This is the second such meeting for reconciliation in Iraq. You spoke with the organizer of both of these meetings, and what does he mean when he says all parties, even those with blood on their hands, need to be present for these meetings?) It means Iraq is caught in a bloody sectarian war right now, so the table needs to be broadened to include all parties, even those involved in violence, such as insurgents or former Ba'athists or Shiite militias or Sunni ones. (Why is it important to have such secrecy?) Iraq is a place where if you dare to think about reconciliation you can lose your life for it. so this is a security issue. The organizer knows anything can derail the process. (When it comes to these kinds of meetings, the UN and the US have stressed the importance for national dialogue. How is the organizer picking up on this and what goals does he have?) That is the question. I don't know the answer but I know one analyst put it well when he said is that it shows that sometimes one individual can make a difference.

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