Lugo comes from the left and JC says Lugo has told American officials he's looking forward to working with the US: this should not be seen as a victory for the left, which only got one-quarter of the votes. (For those Americans who haven't been following political movements in Latin America, what makes the US's relationship with Paraguay different from other countries in the region?) The US has traditionally seen Paraguay as a consistent friend and a country that's been described as an island surrounded by land with years and years of dictatorship. This is the first time in 60 years that Paraguay will turn over control to a different power. (Does Paraguay host US military bases?) No. (The US does conduct US military exercises from time to time in Paraguay?) Yes, we've helped them train and equip peacekeeping battalions. (Your last time in Cuba was when Fidel was still in power and some of your moves were considered controversial. Things have changed now. what is it like to see how things are transpiring in Cuba?) I have yet to be convinced this is more than a superficial change, I think Cubans want their political prisoners out and the ability to travel and own businesses. So I think Fidel is still there even though Raul is calling the shots.

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