(What are the problems of native Canadians?) native communities do not enjoy the same economic indicators that other Canadians do, our life span is shorter, we are more likely to suffer from health problems, primarily rising from poverty. So we want to encourage the government to develop investment plans and programs and services to help First Nations communities. (How do you intend to use the 2010 Olympics to draw attention to these issues?) The Winter Olympics are more than two years away and in between that time we have a provincial election, and some believe we might have a federal election, so we hope our issues are raised in those times. (How will you deliver those messages?) We need to give the average Canadian an opportunity to learn more, we want to create healthy dialogue. (Canada's Indian Affairs Minister vows to deal with some of these issues, is that just lip service?) The conservative government would rather deal with stereotypical issues than the actual issues. That Minister did complete a piece of legislation intended to address specific claims. But that will do nothing to address the poverty in our communities. (Are you concerned that by the time the 2008 Olympics are over people will be fatigued on human rights issues?) No, I don't see that as a problem. I think most Canadians are fair minded and want to see social issues like this addressed.

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