Protesters called for a ban on Carrefour in four Chinese cities this weekend. A false rumor had gone around on the Chinese internet that Carrefour supports Tibetan independence. But in reality, Carrefour probably doesn't have much to worry about. This Carrefour in Beijing was bustling today. This man who's sympathetic to the protest still shops at Carrefour because of the services they provide. The state media in China has reported that Carrefour doesn't support the Dalai Lama but the shopper is still upset about the pro-Tibet protests that have broken out along the torch relay route. Of course the average Chinese person's view of Tibet is also one sided. State media in China has warned of Tibetan separatists and even terrorists. This plays well to a generation that was taught that China endured years of foreign intimidation and must never do so again, and it conveniently changes the subject away from the crackdown on Tibet. None of this is what China's leaders want people to be focusing on now. insults against Tibetan supporters are ripe on the internet as in Chinese life too. Back at the Beijing Carrefour, this Chinese man doesn't see any reason all this should sour international views towards China.

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