GK says officials have destroyed 26 square miles of poppy crops: we have eradicated over 6,000 hectors of poppy over the country. (What does the new crop campaign include? Are you speaking directly with farmers?) The campaign means we meet with councils of people from the same province and use important people from these regions. (What compensation is offered to the farmers?) No compensation, because poppy cultivation is against the Koran. (And yet more than 90% of poppy circulation in the world comes out of your country.) And that comes from pressure from the Taliban, insurgents, and corruption. We give no compensation, but we explain what poppy farming does. (There are claims that the Taliban uses drug money to fund its operations. Is this true?) Absolutely true. (Opium use is on the rise and what is the link between your office and the Department of Health in dealing with the readily available heroine in Afghanistan?) We work closely with the Dept. of Health and have established many hospitals across the country and this is not only the problem of the Afghan people but a worldwide problem.