For today's Geo Quiz head for Bavaria. The German city we're looking for has a lot of character - old and new. Three castles tower over the cityscape --- including one known as the Imperial castle. This city was an early European hub for scientific and mechanical innovations ...the diesel engine to name just one. At the old Hauptmarkt - you can sample some of the city's traditional gingerbread. The recipe goes back centuries. But the city has something new on the menu -- an automated cafe with touch-screen menus. At this cafe, the bratwurst and sauerkraut are whisked to your table by specially designed robotic trays. We're talking computerized meals on wheels. So name this German city that's split down the middle by the Pegnitz river. The answer is coming right up. he Bavarian city we were looking for in our Geo Quiz today is the city of Nuremberg. It's located on the banks on the Pegnitz River. There are plenty of traditional cafes and restaurants in Nuremberg. But one forward-looking restaurant entrepreneur is hoping to attract customers who are just plain tied of poor service and rude waiters. He's gotten rid of the waiters and created an automated cafeteria. The BBC Steve Rosenberg booked a table and sampled the fare:

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