Iraq bombings

(Is there any evidence that these attacks were coordinated?) Difficult to get an idea of that coordination. The tactics were similar, the sorts of tactics that analysts would say have the hallmarks of allies to Al Qaeda in Iraq. (What are those hallmarks?) Large car bombs in civilian areas with no warning and in places where the American and Iraqi military are fighting against Sunni insurgents. Interesting that there was an attack in Ramadi which has been quiet lately, and where many Sunnis turned against Al Qaeda in Iraq. Yet we saw the capability insurgents still have even in Ramadi in Iraq. (This happens a week after political hearings in the US on the war in Iraq�does this type of violence relate to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq?) I think what's clear is what General Petreaus laid out, that these phased draw downs will happen. But we have got that 45 day breathing period when Petraeus is going to assess the situation, and it's tough to imagine this won't have an impact.

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