Kenyan gang with presidential link

(What spawned the violence?) it was a coordinated exercise. Hundreds of youth came out to protest the death of a woman found on Friday in a mutilated condition and she was the wife of the leader of Mungiki. They set fire to buildings and cars and it took a while for control to be found. (Mungiki is banned but has close ties to high profile politicians and they might even control public transportation routes. Explain this group.) They're a criminal sect with a religious side to them, and they do have control over the bus routes in Kenya and raise money through it which they extort. They have links to Kikuyus, and President Kibaki is a Kikuyu. The President says he's trying to get rid of them, but others doubt those claims. (So the good news is a power sharing agreement has been struck, Odinga will be the Prime Minister. What will that mean?) It is going to be a difficult few months, and the violence shows how tentative the agreement is. There are huge problems ahead undeniably.

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