Over the weekend Barack Obama got into some trouble for saying that jobless rural voters are bitter, and that's why they cling to guns and religion. Senator Obama has this wrong of course, rural voters cling to guns and religion because they freaking love guns and religion. Ideally, at the same time. In 2004, you spoke of the Awesome god we all worship, well what's more awesome that a God who carries a sawed off shotgun? That's pretty awesome. Now, over on the Hillary Clinton side, the Wellesley and Yale educated Senator seems to be trying harder everyday to come off like one of the dock workers in the second season of "The Wire." The other night she reminisced fondly about shootin' guns with Pa, and she was photographed putting back beer and shots in Indiana this weekend. Next thing you know, she'll be shooting squirrels from the window of her campaign bus and cooking them outside of polling stations. You know, in previous elections we had to wait until a Democrat candidate was nominated for him to blow the Presidential race. But not in '08.

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