Finally today, a little taste of what young people in Chile are listening to. That's a track from a CD by Anita Tijoux. She's an up-and-coming singer in Chile. The CD is called Kaos -- or Chaos. And the title of this particular track can be translated as "Wake Up!" Anita Tijoux used to be a member of Makiza -- a popular hip hop group in Chile.That makes her a favorite with Santiago's young urban crowds. But in recent years, she's tried to expand beyond hip hop. She sang for other bands -- trying her hand at both rock and pop. She was even the lead singer for a cartoon rock band featured on a children's TV show in Chile. Her big break came a couple of years ago. Tijoux was asked to make a guest appearance on an album by Mexico's Julieta Venegas. Their duet became a hit all over Latin America. The two singers collaborate again on a new track on Anita Tijoux's new CD. It's a fast-paced, soccer-inspired number -- called "Gol." Tijoux was born in France. Her Chilean father was living there in exile during the Pinochet dictatorship. She moved to Chile as a teenager and started rapping. It's only now -- in her late 20's -- that she's decided to strike out on her own. Well -- not entirely on her own. Just as Julieta Venegas shared the spotlight with HER -- Anita Tijoux likes to share the stage with other artists from around Latin America. But the music is all hers. Music from Chile's Anita Tijoux ends our program. Her album is called "kaos".

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