(The people today in Burma are celebrating the Water Festival, what it's like?) It involves some good humor and it can get a bit out of hand, one of the only times when people can gather freely. (How would you expect today's Water Festival to be any different from past ones?) The mood in Burma today is more desperate and angry. After the suppression of the protests, it's created a huge amount of anger and there is a bad economic situation too and no change on the horizon. (Do you feel that Tibet has taken the world's eyes off of Burma?) It's difficult for the world's media to keep both places in focus: both are difficult to cover and closed to journalists. So because of the focus on the Olypmics and Tibetan exiles, Burma has gotten pushed down. But it can be used as a way to exert pressure on China about their human rights, because of China's close ties with Burma's Hunta.

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