Zimbabwe's emergency summit

(What does it mean that Mugabe isn't going to this meeting?) It's not a good sign that he won't be attending. In the meantime, they're banning political rallies inside the country and the military is ensuring that the opposition is intimidated. This seems to me moving along and apparently Mugabe is doing everything he can to stay in power. (What exactly will they be talking about at this meeting and who will be there?) It's a crisis meeting, and all representatives of the opposition will be there, including the leader. We thought Mugabe initially would be there. for so long the opposition leader has complained that southern African nations wouldn't stand up against Mugabe, so other countries are now listening to him, including South Africa. The opposition is hoping at the least that the election results will be published. (As you know South Africa has born a lot of the brut of crisis in Zimbabwe, what are the other effects?) They're very impatient, this has an impact on their economy and there are a lot of unemployed Zimbabweans there, they're blamed for crime in South Africa. They feel they don't have room for all of them. The South Africans would like to see this resolved.

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