For today's Geo Quiz --- we're "flying over" and "zooming in" on a refugee camp. Google Earth and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR have teamed up to map refugee hot spots around the world. In just minute we're going to click our way to a refugee camp in eastern Chad. If you're at a computer, you can go now to Google Earth and try to get a head start. This camp that we want you to find is home to thousands of refugees from the conflict in neighboring Darfur. It's near the town of Goz Beïda in the Ouaddaï region of Chad. High resolution satellite photos show a sprawling landscape of white tents about 50 miles from the border with Sudan... Ok now let's zoom in on this refugee camp. Rebecca Moore heads the Google Earth Outreach program. She says the new Google - UN joint venture helps boost awareness of where refugees come from and what life is like for them in the camps:

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