150 people would be up on the farm, shouting at us and waiving axes and they carry drums with them, and they break onto the farm. They threaten the families, demanding the farmers leave the farm immediately. (In this case the farm is also a home.) We're not just talking about the farmer families but the worker families as well. (What do the police do?) The police make excuses about why they should attend. (Are all these farms operating under Mugabe or are they in flux?) This is well orchestrated and driven from the very top. Farmers have been under attack for the last eight years. (Mugabe said black Zimbabweans cannot afford to retreat from lands, what do you make of that?) It's a fallacy that it's a case of just whites. (What is your main concern as the election continues to be in flux?) Our concerns is that this is a breakdown in the rule of law in our country and the next step might be martial law. We've been under military rule for the last two years anyway, so that would be the formalization of that. (Why do you continue to stay in the country?) This is home to all of us, black and white Zimbabweans. We hope for better days in this country.

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